The Good Life Dog Training Program

The Good Life - ultimate training program from puppy through adolescence

The early months of a dog’s life include the greatest amount of physical growth, emotional development and hormone fluctuation—all coupled with the fact that these living, breathing, growing beings do not come with an owner’s manual. Dogs from good families are rehomed or given up at a shelter by the thousands every DAY because owner’s misunderstanding of how to maneuver these growth periods. So much change in such a small window of time can transform your cute, cuddly puppy into an unmanageable and unpleasant addition to your family.

The Good Life training program is the ultimate training experience for you and your dog! The two of you will work side-by-side with a trainer at key moments in the early months of your relationship to ensure the joy and bond you create will continue month after month, year after year. Imagine a calm and content dog when guests come to your house and the adventures you can enjoy as you step out your door with your beloved companion by your side.

Your new addition will participate in a structured board and train program at our home at key developmental periods throughout the first 15 months of their life. This is especially critical when your dog reaches a variety of maturity levels when fears and sexuality become major influences on long-term behavior. As with all Full House board and train programs, results are essential, so we will ensure that each dog AND their owner create an amazing life together.

Puppy Fundamentals (3 week program: 8-12 weeks of age)

Tap into your puppy’s endless energy to teach them manners and steer them away from unpleasant behaviors in fun and rewarding ways. This is the perfect time to start building a bond with your dog, develop a routine and set expectations for your relationship. Your dog will learn to be calm and earn rewards based on appropriate behavior including walking nicely on a loose leash, interacting appropriately with other dogs and a variety of people, and responding to your commands.

Guided Exploration (2 week program: 5-6 months of age)

Just when you think you have the ideal dog, your bubble bursts as he starts ignoring you and exploring his environment. This session will build on previous skills by increasing distractions with special attention given to your dog’s new sense of independence. We will strengthen his understanding that true happiness comes from the hand that feeds him.

Social & Confident Pup (2-week program: 9-10 months of age)

Keep your pup’s legs from quivering and teeth chattering as we work them through a second fear period. Your pup will enjoy outings to dog-friendly businesses so he can enjoy positive experiences during this sensitive time in their life. We will continue to strengthen leash skills, response to your commands and building long-term confidence so he can enjoy time with people and other dogs.

Shaping Adolescence (2-week program: 13-14 months of age)

Teenager mentality kicks-in about this time in a dog’s life! With hormones now guiding your dog’s thinking, we will help positively maneuver your dog through his new mindset, reinforce the rewards available for making good choices and focus on emotional stability as he discovers adulthood!

*Home visits included with this program have a maximum distance of 10 miles from our home in Riverton, Utah. Greater travel distances may require a reasonable travel fee.

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