Weimar Parents And Puppies


Marshall is a chocolate merle. His parents are a Blue Weimaraner and a Silver/Charcoal merle Great Dane. His unique color and markings captured our attention for our breeding program. He is extremely lovable, calm around dogs and kids with a very gentle temperament. He is very athletic and loves to play tug and be rowdy too! During training, he is very attentive to his handler and can walk nicely on a loose leash. He is approximately 29” at the withers and just shy of 100 pounds, but anticipate his final weight reaching about 120 pounds when he is full grown.



Abbie is a black beauty with a coat as soft as silk. Her parents are a black and a blue Great Weimar. She carries a rare long-haired gene that contributes to the plush nature of her coat. This gene is only expressed when mated with a male also carrying this gene, which Marshall doesn’t carry. She is extremely sweet and loves to cuddly with adults, kids and other dogs. Her spunky personality is a joy to train and she is extremely responsive to commands and her handler. She is approximately 23” at the withers and about 70 pounds.



This litter just came in November 2017. Call us or stay tuned for information on next litter.

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